Mutual Aid Emergency Fund

One of our main goals is to help support Trans and Queer non-passing Black, Brown, and Indigenous people in emergency situations. Priority will be given to non-passing Native, Brown, and Black Trans People of Marginalized Genders from Turtle Island for the time being.

New Pride Flag is a grassroots, mutual aid-based organization so the amount given will be dependent on how much we are able to raise and have in the fund at the time of someone’s application. If we run out of funds, we will keep a wait list and funds will be distributed as soon as we have funds. 


Send us a message through the form below with responses to the following questions.

1. Are you Trans and/or Queer? How do you identify? (gender, race, ethnicity, family roots,…)

2. I am requesting emergency assistance for:

a. food
b. shelter
c. bills
d. transportation
e. other (explain):______

3. I need the funds:

a. As soon as possible
b. in one to two weeks
c. I am able to wait a little longer but need it by next month
d. whenever – It’s not urgent

4. What is your Paypal or Venmo name?