Help us spread the flag EVERYWHERE and raise money for TQ PoC!

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Every aspect of this campaign helps support TQ PoC because we do not believe it is OK to profit from others’ oppression. This is an 100% grassroots supported project.

Our RedBubble shop with fun clothes and items featuring the flag to continue to help raise awareness and funds for TQ PoC:

Original Design Merch

Galaxy Design Merch


Pins of TQ PoC New Pride Flag

Please share and support any way you can.

To help us print more and maybe even enough to one day print mini-flags, you can also support tise campaign via Fundraizr:

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Sales from New Pride Flag merch help support Trans and Queer PoC!

This new pride flag recognizes Pride’s history and the need for the LGBTQ+ movement to center the most vulnerable in our community in order to evolve into a movement truly invested in equality for all.


Funds raised will be donated to organizations that support Black and Indigenous Trans People, individual Trans Black women needing emergency support, as well as used towards the creation of other New Pride Flag merch to continue raising funds to help Black and Indigenous TQ folx through direct community support.