The New Pride Flag

For commercial use, we request that, if you would like to use this flag design to create items to support your work/activism, you donate at least 50% of profits from any sales to specifically support groups, organizations, or specific projects run and centered on Black Trans people, Brown Trans people, and Indigenous Trans people – this can include donations to our NPF fund, which is what money from sticker and pin sales go to (this money isthen  distributed at the end of the year between BBI PoC organizations/projects or donated throughout the year to BBIPoC in emergency situations). Email us at newprideflag(at)gmail(dot)com to confirm that you understand this condition to sell items with the flag on it. If you do not do so, you do not have permission to sell items with New Pride Flag on them for profit.

We ask that you raise the voices of Trans people of color with this flag and beyond.


You can download the flag and various other versions of it on our Free Downloadable Files page. If you’re interested in purchasing stickers, pins, and other merchandise, or learning about other stores and small businesses to support, please visit our Shop page.

Help us spread the flag EVERYWHERE and raise money for TQ PoC!